34 weeks follow-up

Last Thursday was my 34 weeks medical visit and second time in my new doctor's office.

In short:
  • Weight gain since pre-pregnancy weight -> 21 lbs  (YIKES! It was 16 lbs just 2 weeks ago)
  • Blood pressure -> slightly higher, but still normal
  • Position of the baby -> head down, heart beating to my right side now (I've only heard her heart beat on the other side so far so she has shifted position)
  • Cervix -> completely closed and firm - no sign of early labor yet
  • New symptoms -> swollen ankles and hands... Which could explain the increased weight gain.
The doctor said I was having a Braxton Hicks contraction as she was looking for the baby's head... I didn't feel it. Really. I'm sure the real contractions will be easier to notice though! lol. Probably a good thing since I'm going to have to time them.

All in all, I'm doing great and so is Baby.

The clinic has received my medical file from the CLSC but apprently, the most important sonogram (30 weeks - confirming my placenta is no longer previa) was not in it. I have to follow-up on that.

My next appointment is scheduled for next Tuesday, 3h45 pm. I'm hoping I can bring the swelling down by then.


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