40 Weeks

Today was my 40 weeks follow-up and I'm glad to report some progress.

At 39 weeks:
...Baby was floating ---> now at station -2 (see image below)
...Cervix was slightly effaced ---> now 50% effaced
...Cervix was 1 cm dilated ---> now 2 cm dilated
...Baby's heartrate was 150 bpm ---> now 130 bpm
...Overall pregnancy weight gain was 33 lbs ---> now 30 lbs

 Fetal Descent Stations (Birth Presentation)

I have experienced the bloody show for 2-3 days now but still no contractions.

Now, my due date is in 2 days so it shouldn't be very long before I get to meet my lovely baby. Isn't it exciting?


Jen @ After The Alter said...

wow any time now!!! So excited for you!!! Can't wait to hear your little one has arrived!

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