Meet my family!

Over the last 3 years, I've been pregnant, stay at home nursing mother to a daughter named Naomi, pregnant again, and stay at home nursing mother of a second daughter named Julia. Here are some update photos of our beautiful family:

More recently, sweet little Julia (8 months old little brunette on the pictures) has been offered a spot in daycare. We were lucky to get a spot so we grabbed the occasion, but my heart was slightly heavy. Gone are my babies. On a more positive note: time to rediscover ME.

ME, the woman, the individual, the professional, the lover, the friend, the sister.

I confess, I thought motherhood only meant I was bringing a child into my universe. Boy was I wrong! It felt like my children actually brought me to a new universe of their own and my initial place in the world is no longer available. Now that they are in daycare on weekdays, I need to redefine myself on so many levels! 

Mastering motherhood seems to be an evolving and life-long quest I'm happy to undertake. So happy in fact, I believe it took all the time and energy I had in the last 2 years and a half to the detriment of other important roles are also part of me. How do you find the right balance when you want to give it all to your kids? I stopped blogging, the quality time I spend with my dog has become more scarce and personal time and activities for the couple have pretty much disappeared.

So, now that my girls are in daycare, I should be able to find that balance again, right? My new goals include:
  • Attending a daily exercise class
  • Bonding with new friends
  • Starting back my blog
  • Starting my own home-based business
  • Getting the home organized and under control
  • Finding a babysitter
  • Scheduling monthly night out with my husband
  • Get quality time with my kids on the weekends
  • Spending better time with my dog
New challenges ahead. It'll be fun! 


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