2 weeks have passed

2 weeks have passed since my last post on this blog.
2 weeks have passed since the last update from my buddy group on Ovusoft...

It this a strange coincidence or are all the June moms to be going through some quiet phase where nothing needs to be discussed anymore?

The last two weeks have kept me very busy.

Emotionnally, I'm still on "the teenager" rollercoaster ride that is preoccupying me. A lot.

Physically, I'm less tired than in my first trimester, but definitely more tired than before getting pregnant. We are also in the middle of our big renovation project preparing a new computer/laundry room so that the former computer room can become a nursery) and all our weekends are shaped around that new to-do list:

  • removing the sink and reorganizing the water pipes - check
  • building an enclosure for the water tank - check
  • removing the ceiling - check
  • plastering/painting the walls - check
  • installing new floor
  • installing a countertop
  • installing new suspended ceiling
  • installing new heating system
  • installing new lights

I have to say I'm very lucky that my parents come by every weekend and walk us through all the steps. They are a lot more confortable than we are with that kind of construction work and we could never do it on our own. Not only are they generous enough to provide us with the help we need, but they are patient enough to make this a great learning experience.

So to recap the last 2 weeks:

  • week 13 -> baby was the size of a peach
  • week 14 -> baby is now the size of a lemon

Hmmm lemon... why do I love lemon so much? With just a touch of salt, this has got to be one of my favorite fruits in the bowl.

On another note, somebody else is now pregnant at work, making us... 4 expecting mothers for the spring/summer 2010.

Note to self: it's probably time for another belly picture. There has definitely been some change since the one I took at 8 weeks...


Alex said...

Glad to hear you've been keeping busy and your home renos are going well!

Bella's Bowtique said...

Just started following your adorable blog!!!!! :)

Bella's Bowtique

Suzanne Incognito said...

I HATE stupid doctors!

How frustrating for you!

Please, please consider looking around a bit more to find a competent doctor who takes the time to answer your questions. You are the one with the power, not them.

Advocate for yourself and your baby. :)

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