More about Anna-Laberge Hospital...

I promised more information as to what makes this hospital interesting and attractive to me so here it is.

I believe:
  • Labor and delivery is a natural process experienced by all mothers of all races and species since the beginning of times. Pregnancy is not a disease, nor an injury.
  • Labor and delivery are painful. Many options exist to help a mother deal with the pain, before resorting to drugs.
  • The pregnant woman is the one birthing. The doctor or ob/gyn is there to help her and offer solutions if any complications should arise during labor or delivery but should limit his interventions to what is necessary for the health of the baby and mother.
  • In its first hours of life, the baby should be given the time to be in skin to skin contact with his parents, get acquainted with their smell and find its first meal before being handled by any other person (friends, staff, family members)
In this hospital:
  • The laboring woman is provided hospital meals instead of the IV drip.
  • All the rooms are private rooms.
  • All rooms have a bed for the father to sleep in. Some of those rooms have a double bed so that the new dad can share bed with the new mother. Babies can sleep in the same room with their parents.
  • All rooms have a tub, swiss exercice ball and birthing chair that can be used during the contractions.
  • The hospital is open to self-hypnosis, music, massages, pushing in different positions, wearing your own clothes, walking around the hospital during contractions or even outside in the yard.
  • In most cases, the labor and delivery of the baby will all be done in the same room instead of being transported to a delivery room.
  • In April 2008, a study conducted by La Presse positioned Anna-Laberge Hospital as the #1 best birthing location in the Greater Montreal, among 16 other hospitals.
I'm hoping to get a confirmation from the doctor who would be following me sometime today. I can then tell you more about her as well.


Anonymous said...


My wife has recently become pregnant. We live close to Chateauguay, so Anna Laberge would be our best bet. Can you recommend a female ob-gyn who has admitting privileges there? Thanks a lot.

Nice blog BTW.

Cynthia Quenneville said...

The doctor who followed both of my pregnancies and delivered my two babies is Nathalie Fiset. She is not an OB/Gyn but has devoted her practice to pregnancies and deliveries many years ago so she is quite an expert in the matter anyways. Also, if you are interested in an all natural birth, she is the doctor you want to deal with. She is the founder of the Hypno-Life program, which uses hypnosis to reduce the pain of birth in a natural manner. She has her own clinic in Ch√Ęteauguay and is very easy to talk to.

Both my girls were delivered naturally (vaginally, and without anaesthesis, episiotomy or any intervention) and I couldn't be happier with my choice of a doctor. They were both over 9 lbs at birth.

If you want to have a c-section, then I recommend you do not go to Dr. Fiset as she will only use it as a last resort.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much... will pass this on to my wife.

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