And I was sleeping so well!

After the recent period of insomnia I suffered from multiple vivid recurring nightmares every night, it has been a whole week since I had any trouble sleeping... That was until yesterday...

The good = no nightmares
The bad = no sleep
The why = Jade was "moving the furniture around"

Being the typical virgo, I like to change and move the furniture around in the rooms that allow me to. It brings a fresh vibe and feel to the room and makes me enjoy it so much more... Until I get fed up again of that look and rearrange everything differently again. It's cyclical and healthy.

Has Jade inherited this trait from her Mommy?

Yesterday night, I woke up at 2 am and had a hurricane moving in my belly. Ok, a tiny banana-sized 19 weeks old hurricane that tried to rearrange my organs by tapping, kicking and pushing on them... The commotion stayed up all night until 5h45 and kept me awake most of that time.

Is she already fed up of the look in her little house? I certainly hope not, there are still 19 weeks to go before her due date! If she was not rearranging the furniture...

...maybe she was starting a P90X workout program, like her Daddy?

Whatever it was she was doing, I'm blaming the delicious ice cream special with bananas and strawberries DF spoiled me with last night for her excessive bursts of energy.

In conclusion, I think the ice cream special with bananas and strawberries is very good, beneficial and soothing to this pregnant lady's soul... But if having it after supper turns Jade into a Tasmanian devil for the whole night, I might try having it for breakfast instead!


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