Blog Award

For me?  I mean... really?!

When Suzanne Incognito, from Incognito Soapbox Confessions told me she was going to grant me a blog award yesterday, it came to me as a surprise.

For one thing, English is a second language to me and I'm all too aware it might come across here and there in the quality of my writing. Secondly, I too often neglect to embellish my posts with pictures and am surprised there is still a stranger out there caring enough to read through my long daily rants, let alone enjoy them enough to grant me an award! I realize now that my modest RSS feed is followed by 29 readers as of today. Wow. It warms my heart and makes me feel very loved.

THANK YOU -> To Suzanne, and all my readers :)


Now time to share the love...

I am passing this award to people who probably don't need more awards as it is, but who really brighten my day everytime I read a few of their lines:
  • Melissa, who shares her most delicious moments as Everly's new mom on Dear Baby
  • Kenny, who blogs about his experience as a new dad on Smonk You
  • Jennifer, who revealed she was expecting a baby girl yesterday in an online revealing party on Baby Makin(g) Machine
A gem to discover:


Future Mama said...

Awwww thanks so much!!! I'm so honored! And you are such a cutie pie!!! Congrats on your little bundle on the way!!

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