I'm such a geek

Yesterday on the train (I take the train to and from work everyday), a friend asked me if I am a web addict...

That question is pretty large... Are there some categories or levels of geekness one falls under?

Here are some of the things I use the internet for, that is not work-related, on a daily basis:
  • My home phone is VoIP.
  • I make all my long distance calls through Skype-out.
  • Reading RSS feeds (news and blogs).
  • Keeping touch with my friends through Facebook and email.
  • Finding phone numbers and office hours
  • Writing thoughts on my blog
  • Playing World of Warcraft (Horde BE Holy Priest on Bloodhoof, name's Petulya).
  • Online shopping (there's always something to shop for or reviews to look at)
Can I go without the internet? I'm guessing I could, but that would mean:
  • Getting a normal phone ($)
  • With a good long distance plan ($)
  • Subscribing to magazines and newspapers ($ + ecological waste)
  • Calling my friends and family more often and letting go of my aquaintances
  • Getting a new phonebook, and collecting business cards
  • Keeping a diary
  • Starting a new character in Oblivion, or Final Fantasy
  • Borrowing DF's car to several  stores to compare products and shop for the best ---> FAIL!
Ok, I would never do that. I just have a complete aversion for crowds and having to stand in the middle of one while looking around for something in particular and not having the results I'm used to on the web. I used to say that I hate shopping but in reality it's only the traditional form of shopping that make me impatient. When I'm shopping online, I can spend hours at it without buying anything and it won't bother me at all. When I get tired, I close the browser's page and I'm done. No need to drive home in the middle of traffic, while hungry or having to pee.

It's not so much that I couldn't live without the internet, but I find it conveniently replaced a lot of the traditional alternatives to get things done by being faster, more efficient and convenient.


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