Feeling like a sexy mama!

I hate shopping. Profoundly and genuinely H.A.T.E. shopping.

  • I'm 5'11", all in legs. Nothing seems to fit me right. The sleeves are too short and the pants are too short.
  • I'm heavy busted. When a sweater or shirt fits in the bust area, it often fails to narrow back to define  my waist and I end up looking like someone wearing a poncho.
  • I'm curvacious. Low-rise pants don't do it for me. If I sit, they tend to slide off my butt. Normal rise pants are better but often less trendy or... too short.
  • I hate crowds. They make me feel trapped and claustrophobic.
  • I have the patience of a squirrel.
But... My mom loves shopping. She has the patience of a saint and had the courage to drag me to Thyme Maternity yesterday while they're having their huge end of season sale as a christmas present.

The results?
  • My mom is ruined. Hehe... Thanks Mom!
  • I tested my own limits of patience for a solid 3 hours and realised too late I shouldn't be doing this on an empty stomach...
  • I came back with a new updated wardrobe that I enjoy very much and does not make me look like I escaped from a circus. I can dress most pieces up or down depending on the occasion and they should fit until the end of my pregnancy and beyond.
Feeeeling sexy and feeeeeling gooood.


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