I'm so excited

Ok, today's going to be a very good day. I'm so excited!!!

What's so special about today? Absolutely nothing.
What am I so excited about? The 20 weeks echography planned tomorrow afternoon.
That does it mean to me? It's a reminder that this Saturday will mark the mid-point in my pregnancy. Also, we might find out if Mango is a he or a she (oh yeah, did I mention this week was Mango week?) .
Is that all? Nope.
Please explain: Last night, Mango woke me up for the first time, kicking his mommy who had accidentally turned to sleep on her stomach. Bad Mommy. Good Mango.
Is that all? Nope.
Please explain: I'm wearing the new maternity cloths my mom bought me for xmas and I feel sexy.
Is that all? Nope.
Please explain: The study room has been officially moved to the basement and its old room is now clear to start a nursery.

Today's gonna be a goooood day. I can feel sparks in the air around me. Can you all feel it too?


Cynthia said...


My parents paid me a suprise visit at work and we had lunch together :)

I knew today would be a good day! I can still smell it in the air...

Expect good and good is going to happen.

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