Gender Mystery Solved!

I apologize for the long post... This was truly an amazing experience for me, and since I mean to keep this blog as a diary, I wanted to capture every moment and memory I can.

Yesterday afternoon was our 20 weeks ultrasound.

DF, came to pick me up from the bus dropoff and we were on our way to St-Hyacinthe when I noticed he had that permanent smirk on his face. DF being notorious for controlling and not displaying his emotions, I was puzzled and could not decide if it was for him being as excited as I was at being so close to getting the echography or if he was just smiling at how ridiculous I looked (overexcited with joy, like kids seeing the presents under the christmas tree when they know the moment is coming for them to unwrap them + breathing hard because I had to run a lot in order to not miss the bus and subway on my way to the meeting point). Anyways, I like when he smirks like this and it put me in a good mood.

As it was scheduled at the hospital (and they are notorious for not being punctual), DF and I were making jokes and bets on our way there about "at what time are they going to see us". The appointment was scheduled at 13h15.

My guess: 13h40
His guess: no earlier than 14h25

We arrived in St-Hyacinthe at 12h45 and figured we had the luxuary of grabbing a quick sandwich before heading to our appointment. Got out at 13h and were at the radiology desk in the hospital at 13h16.

To our biggest surprise, the clerk was waiting for us, papers in hand, and gave me a ticket to give the technician. I didn't need to show her my medicare or hospital cards. Everything was ready for us. She asked us to sit on a blue chair in the hall and said someone would come for us...

Tic toc tic toc... We figured, so THIS is were we will wait forever...

10 minutes later, (13h26) someone came and asked at what time was my appointment. When I said 13h15, she seemed to panick a little, showed me the dressing room, gave me 2 robes to change in and gave the ticket for me to the technicien who then quickly rushed me in to get started.

Wow. 13h26.

I'm now eating my words and make this public apology for having lost faith in the hospital's punctuality with their appointments... All I can say is that the department of radiology is impressively good at time management.

Second bet taken = gender guessing

His guess: boy
My guess: girl

We then spent about 1 hour with the radiology technician doing the ultrasound... She was very patient and took the time to explain what we were seeing... DF, was impressed with how developped the baby was at 20 weeks, and started asking a couple of questions that sounded like he was reviewing his biology notions as she moved along with her exam. It was endearing. She had me change positions a couple of times because Mango had one leg bent and the foot could be hiding the boy parts...

Nothing could do it... but the tech said it looke to her more like a girl... She said she was 75% sure despite the foot in her way but DF was sceptical...

She left the room to get the doctor to confirm her evaluation and I made a quick escape for the restrooms before exploding on the table.

When I came back in the room, it was about 1 minute before the doctor showed up and realised the baby's leg had unfolded. With the emotion of a coroner, he solemnelly (not a word, right?) verified if we wanted to know the gender and then declared: "c'est une fille" (it's a girl).

No congratulations, and without further ceremony, he left us to ourselves... in awe. : D

DF thought he was expeditive...
I thought he would have made a good engineer :P

I couldn't stop smiling. DF was holding it all way better than me, but I could tell he was very pleased as well.

We're having a girl!!!

The two pictures on the left show her looking right at us (doesn't she have her daddy's eyes?) and the one one the right show her long stretched spine, buttocks and partof her bent leg...


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