Placenta what?

Previa. Or praevia in French. That's what the doc said today...

Today = 20 week and 6 days
Follow-up = 8h15 am
Time of actual follow-up = 9h05-9h10?
Doctor on duty = Dr. Jekyll
New nurse. She's just as nice as the other one. She informs me that Dr. Jekyll is the one I will be seeing today...


...and that Dr. Dougy has left the team of OBs, so we are down to 3 and I haven't met the other 2.


The visit

Dr. Jekyll was particularly nice today. Just as nice as when she saw me for the dating ultrasound, worried that there would be no HB (heartbeat)... She is full of surprises.

Q: About my lab results..? (gestational diabetes, thyroid, hepatitis, chlamydia, bla bla bla)?
A: Yes, everything was perfect and your blood type is A+

Q: About my frequent nightmares..?
A: It's very common and normal during pregnancy and there's nothing much you can do about the dreams themselves. If it causes you to not sleep enough, you can take the sleeping pills I prescribed you to get a good night sleep when needed.

Q: About my frequent hickupping..?
A: Again, very normal and common during pregnancy and it is caused by your digestion beign slower and less efficient. There is nothing you can or should do about it and it poses no threat or problems to the baby.

Now, she proceeded to telling me a bit more about the 20 weeks ultrasound I had last week. Said everything looked good but she asked me if the tech had told me about my placenta... I casually answered that she had, without really telling me the implications of it.

(What the tech had told me is that my placenta was in front. That it was frequent and would only make me feel the baby kicks "less" on my belly...)

Dr. Hyde explained to me that I had a placenta previa. And that my placenta was not only forward and low but it was also completely covering the opening to my cervix.


In lame terms, it's currently obstructing the doorway, but as my uterus grows into the third trimester, it might no longer be the case... Which is why I will need to pass another ultrasound between weeks 30 and 32 to see whether the situation has changed.

Q: But what will then happen if it is still covering my cervix in the third trimester?

...preparing for the bomb...

A: Then you will be on preventative rest (off work) and we will not let you try to give birth naturally, this means you will be scheduled for a ceasarian.

Ouch. Hmmm... Alright. I can live with that.

In the meanwhile, it also means you will have to take it very seriously and run to the hospital if you see any amount of bleeding. Tell them you have a placenta previa and they will take care of you ASAP.

To prevent the bleedings, you have to take it easy on shocks and abrupt exercice such as aerobics, jumps, many doctors will also tell you to refrain from sex...

Did I just hear that?

...but sex has not been proven to have a direct impact on it so I have my doubts, but still mention it to my patients just in case.

Then we listened to the HB and I was off to work, a little confused about that news. I'm not worried, yet, should I be?


Shy said...

Good luck with the Placenta previa! My sister had that, but by the 3rd trimester it was OK! She just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy two days ago, so hopefully that will be the case for you too! Sorry about the bad docs. I hope they improve or that you can find one that is good :( That's what I'm trying to do right now...

Cynthia said...

My mom told me she had a placenta previa during her second trimester too when she was pregnant with me. For her as well it moved away by the third trimester.

I guess the 30 weeks sonogram will tell me where I stand right now I don't feel very concerned.

About Dr. Jekyll, I'm starting to think she's probably better at giving bad news and dealing with complicated pregnancies than she is with the normal routine stuff. She was completely perfect this time, caring, devoted, patient, I have nothing to say!

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