27 weeks

Here are the milestones of the 27 weeks mark that we have been through yesterday:
  • Jade can now suck her thumb
  • Jade can now cry... Oh I feel a connection already! :)
  • 3 weeks passed the 50% viability probability mark
  • Entering the 3rd trimester this week or next week, depending on the source I check
  • Linea negra? not quite yet... maybe linea rosa at the moment...
  • Innie or outie? innie... for now!
  • Gestational diabetes? the big test is tomorrow... will follow-up on that
  • Complete Placenta Previa? until further notice I have to assume that yes. Next echography will be scheduled in the first week of April.
  • Mommy's last week has been marked by - scratch those who don't apply: angry, hungry, grumpy, emotional, tired, clumsy.
  • Mommy's starting to have trouble finding a confortable sleeping position.
  • First introduction and visit to Jade's big grand-cousin Édouard.
  • Jade's bedroom is almost ready. All we need now is a light fixture and to reinstall the shelves.
  • The family car project 2010 is complete... and a big success!
  • Daddy has torn the ceiling apart in the basement and is reconstructing it as we speak
  • Daddy's planning to work on the floor as soon as he's done with the ceiling
  • Things we still need to buy before Jade shows up: car seat, stroller, baby carrier, baby monitor, diapers, receiving blankets.
I'm going to the swimming pool tonight and hope I can make it a habit on Mondays and Wednesdays. Will update on that...


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