Milk? Colostrum? This soon?

Did I just miss a chapter in my book? I don't quite remember reading that my breasts would start producing colostrum this soon! Actually, I don't remember reading much about this part of the breast development but I guess I was not expecting them to leak until the few last days preceding labor/birth.

Is this really what it is?

They didn't actually leak much but I noticed some dry beige crust on them when I woke up and sure enough, when I removed it, I got a few more drops of the thick liquid.

Whatever that was, it's probably a good idea I get myself some pads if I am at risk of getting more leaks in the weeks to come. I can only imagine the embarassment of a bigger leak while at work. EEEeeeek!!!

Better safe than sorry!


Sprudeln said...

I get 3 different 'your baby this week' newsletters, and one of them did mention that leaking can start this early for some women. Is it weird that I think it's cool that you can see it already?

Cynthia said...

I think it's pretty cool too as it was so unexpected.

I haven't seen it since, but I won't take my chances. This weekend, I'll really have to get some pads... just in case! :D

JConstantine said...

at least i know im not crazy! ive had this happen a couple times, by the time i take off my bra or tank top its usually dry but the first couple times i saw it it really blew my mind! i had no idea it happened so early.

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