How can you NOT notice?

I was sent the following video yesterday afternoon, about a mother who gave birth at home, in her bathroom, while she claimed she did not know she was pregnant.


I mean, come on!!!

I'm guessing the weight gain can be tricky for some, but surely the interruption of your menses should have hinted to something..? How about feeling your baby's kicks?

I'm sorry but I'm very sceptical. It's not the first time I hear about a mother who "did not know she was pregnant" until she gave birth, but to me it's pretty hard to imagine.


Megan said...

I couldn't watch the video because it's blocked at my work, but I HAVE heard of this. I watched one episode of that "I didn't know I was pregnant" show (or whatever it's called) and that girl's reasoning made sense to me (sort of). I BELIEVE she was using birth control or some sort or something, but if not, I do remember her stating that she DIDN'T miss her period - she continued to get it on a regular basis and she only gained like 10 - 15 pounds and just assumed it was because of her bad eating habits and stuff. She didn't get morning sickness or strange cravings or any indication that she would be pregnant until she had these horrible cramps and gave birth. Crazy, right??

Cynthia said...

...but the kicking and moving inside your belly?

That surely can't be presumed to be just a bad episode of indigestion... everytime! and everyday!?

I don't know... It seem pretty far-fetched to me... As you said: CRAZY!!! Lol.

Sprudeln said...

A girl I went to high school with had this happen to her. She is happily married and is a smart cookie (we were in honors classes together), but if I didn't know her I'd have been skeptical, too.

She has had irregular periods her whole life (6 months without a period sometimes) and found out after she gave birth that she has a tilted uterus. Combine the tilt and the baby facing a certain way, and it's possible not to feel the kicks.

I'm 27 weeks pregnant and with some of my sweaters, you wouldn't know that I'm pregnant either, so the belly is also not a good indication.

Of course it's rare, but it can happen! Like I said, if I didn't know this woman, I'd doubt the story too.

Cynthia said...

Ok, I guess you have a point there...

Combine very irregular cycles with low weight gain and with a tilted uterus and you might have a surprise...

But for the surprise to happen, it means you also had unprotected sex which would normally make you more suspicious of any symptom...

Or you'd have to combine with another criterion - contraception failure...

I see how it can be possible... it just seems very unlikely and falls short of a miracle.

Too bad the journalist in the video I posted did not go further in her questioning as to explain how it can be possible.

Thanks for your thoughts Sprudeln. Good to know these things actually exist in real life too.

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