Meet my new car!

Last week, I posted something to the effect that I was looking for a family-friendly vehicule to accomodate me, DF, the possibility of 2 babies/children, my bernese mountain dog and some cargo (stroller, grocery bags, luggage, etc.)

I looked at many cars that were either:
  • too small (not enough cargo space for dog + more)
  • too big (we definitely don't need 7 passengers capacity)
  • too high (most SUVs would be difficult to enter for my dog and I would rather not have to "lift" so high for everything I load into the car)
  • too pricey (yes, call me cheap but I like affordable)
So... As you read last week, I fell in love with the Golf Wagen TDI... but it came out a bit pricey once equipped with our desired options. So... The car I got is...

Kia Rondo EX (charcoal), 5 passengers!!! And because I'm cheap, I got it used: it's a 2008.

The picture below shows the exact same vehicule with tinted windows and in the same colour as mine. The only difference would be that mine has a deflector in the front.

Can you feel the love? I'm so excited! I can already picture Jade sitting in her car seat (note to self = must buy a car seat) under the confortable shade of the tinted windows and safely out of my dog's reach.

Now I'll take any excuse to go on a road-trip this weekend... I've already booked a road-trip to Quebec City on Saturday to meet my cousin's newborn at the hospital there but Sunday is still free!!!

Any offers? Hehe...


Future Mama said...

CUTE!! congrats on your new car!!

And our babies names are similar ;)

Cynthia said...

Thanks Jenn!!

Just how similar are our babies names?

Am I getting a scoop on your daughter's name yet? I haven't read anything about this on your blog...

The suspense is killing me...


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