Nerve wreck

Guess what I'm doing this afternoon?
Teaching a 2 hour Word 2003 class to a group of employees at work.

How do I feel about it now?
Uhhhh... I wish I could run far far away.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that the employees aren't nice or that I'm not confortable with the material I will be teaching, but I've always been very uneasy with adressing large groups of people.

It all started in High School when I started having those panick attacks right *after* each one of my oral presentations. I got so bad that the school psychologist had to see me for a session of hypnosis before each oral in order to prevent the afterscene.

Last year, I was asked to teach the fundamentals of MS Office to people on my team at work and that went fine. But it was different! I realize now that the class was much less structured and I had only 3 participants who worked with me a daily basis so we kept things very casual.

This afternoon's group is constituted of 6 participants who are all expecting a professionnal level class and work in different teams that I do not interact much with. This is day 1 of a long road on which I will be giving MS Office classes every day until my maternity leave. The bar has been raised to another level and I'm so scared of facing that group. I feel exposed and vulnerable.

My heart is racing and I'm stupidly sitting at my desk with no other excuse than my poor stress management.

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I'm sure you'll be great. And remember, if you're really in a jam, you can turn around, spill a glass of water on the floor, clutch your pregnant belly and moan really loudly.


Cynthia said...

Thanks Ann! Things actually went fine, as I knew they would... I didn't even need to splash water on the floor :P

Now some of the pressure is off for my 2nd class this afternoon so it shouldn't be as bad... but I just can't help the anxiety before speaking to a group.

Call it stage fright, I've never been great under a spotlight. ;)

Thanks for your warm thoughts. You were my lucky charm! :)

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