H1N1 Vaccine

Ok, I don't remember if I mentioned it already, but I changed my mind about the vaccine... I was initially waiting to hear the vaccine was safe before taking a shot that would be potentially hazardous for the health and development of my unborn but this time has come a few weeks ago now and I was simply waiting for my turn to be invited to have the said vaccine.

Adjuvant-free vaccine for all pregnant women started today.

So, as specified on the website, I passed by the public vaccination clinic on my way back from work. The website said "if there's a line-up, you will be given a coupon to come back later" (free translation provided to you by yours truly - it was a French website). Unfortunately, this is not how things went.

We drove among a crowd of cars parked and double parked on both sides of the industrial road and finally noticed the huge line-up of people waiting outside the building. As we drove forward, we were greeted by some guy wearing an orange jacket:
  • Orange guy - Can I see your coupon please?
  • DF - No, we're here to "get" a coupon
  • Orange guy - Sorry you'll have to come back tomorrow at 6am for a coupon.
  • DF - uh, really? Ok then, thanks anyways...
...and that is how I did not get vaccinated tonight. I don't know if I'll show up at 6 tomorrow morning, it seems really early and I have to get the car back to DF before he leaves for work (I take the train). It just seems much more complicated than I had anticipated...

***Update*** No, I did not get up earlier this morning to go get my coupon, I'm planning to do it tomorrow while DF doesn't need the car since he's got a holiday on Remembrance Day.


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Cynthia,

Donne-nous des nouvelles de ta session de vaccination.... nous avons hâte de connaître la suite..

Hélène et Pierre

Alex said...

Hello! I found your blog on "The Mom Blogs" directory list.

I can understand not really wanting to get up at 6am to get a coupon, to then go back to get the vaccine.

I'm in a town in Ontario, Canada. The doctors here did it the right way; High Risk patients first, everyone else after. They're still doing the High Risk patients. In order to get the vaccine, you had to call (or go on the website) and make an appointment. You then show up for your appointment and get your needle. No lines, no long hours. Our appointment was at 10:25am and we got our needles at 10:35am. We waited ten mintues!

Good luck with the vaccine. I'm glad to hear that another person has made a decision on their own, instead of going back and forth, debating it :)

- Alex

Cynthia said...

Hi Alex - thanks for posting your comment!

I think it's great that Ontarians get the chance to book their appointment by phone. Montreal is not so far from you but things are often handled differently...

I'm relieved it was not as bad as I anticipated. I think Mondays are the big days which is why it was such a nightmare when I went the first time.

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