10 weeks!

Today's the day our embryo becomes foetus. I can hardly call it a SweetPea anymore and JellyBean sounds a bit too girly to my ears... For some reason he still looks a bit alien-ish and I'm having a bit of a hard time find a cute nickname for it now...

Ten weeks old foetus

I gained some weight back already but I blame it on the fact I have stopped my good drinking water habit. I have to kick myself to drink more water again starting today because I found that ever since I stopped, my mouth has been producing saliva like crazy.

Other than this, not much change... not many symptoms... the strange dreams have stopped, the thick fog of extreme fatigue that hit me every afternoon has been much more subtle and manageable. However, it is still very difficult to focus on anything else than baby thoughts.

In terms of food cravings the only 2 things I could eat everyday are: baba ghanoush and tomato sandwiches. Just thinking about them makes me hungry. For some reason, I've always liked raw tomatoes but now it's actually on the top of my "things I like to eat list" even before ice cream!

I got my flu shot yesterday evening and feel very good about it. no side effect from that and my arm barely feels bruised if I touch it.


Alex said...

Mmm Tomato sandwiches. Those are absolutely devine!! I think I'm going to go by some tomatos now lol.

Glad to hear the fatigue is going away! Yes, drink more water!! I need to do that and I'm not pregnant. I just ... I prefer juice or pop. I'm bad, I know.

Glad to hear the vaccine shot went well for you. My arm is still sore (I had it done on Tuesday). But then, I'm usually sore for about a week after I get any sort of needle.

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