I've had the strange feeling that I was going to have a baby boy since the beginning of my pregnancy. I don't know how much of it is intuition and how much of it is actually influenced by the higher probability of conceiving a boy (in theory) when conception takes place on the day of the ovulation or after...

In any case, my mind thinks I'm having a boy and therefore, it just seems easier to find boys baby names.

We found so many names and only one stuck with us so far: Liam.

I think it's cute. Very cute. My only disappointment is with the fact this name is becoming very popular and I always preferred unique sounding names. Tough luck. We like Liam, popular or not.

We also discussed middle names and this one was an easier question... For a boy, Thomas. For a girl, Patricia. Both names in honour of deceased relatives whom we would love to carry the memory of.

Last name being Cascarano, chances are - if we don't change our mind before then - our little boy name would be:
  • Liam (Thomas) Cascarano
If we have a girl now we have a few options:
  • Alizée (Patricia) Cascarano
  • Norah (Patricia) Cascarano
  • Kayla (Patricia) Cascarano

My personal favorite is Alizée despite the fact I can foresee people disforming the pronounciation in English (it's French). So for all of you wondering: it's pronounced "A-liz-ay", not "A-liz-ee".


Sprudeln said...

Don't discount your gut feelings. Martin and I were sure our first was a girl and our third was a boy, and the genetic testing showed that we were right!

We are also thinking boy this time.

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