First Belly Picture - 9 weeks, 2 days

9 weeks, 2 days pregnant

I did it. I forced DF to take a picture of my belly before it blows up to astronomic proportions... Actually, I'm a bit late for the "before" pic because there is already a bit of a bump there, but eh! Better now than later/never.

What you get here is the bare truth of what I look like without makeup or Photoshop intervention. Putting this on the web makes me feel, uh, exposed and vulnerable.

Note to self: remember to wear makeup on the next belly picture if face is within the frame...


Anonymous said...

Nice picture !


Alex said...

I love belly pictures. Can't wait to watch you grow and blossom :)

I agree, putting pictures like that do leave us women feeling exposed and vulnerable. Just think though; you've created a precious little boy or girl and your body is giving him or her a home!

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