Pregnancy tests anyone?

No, I'm not starting a new business but it's very much like that.

About 2 months ago, I ordered a batch of ovulation strips and pregnancy tests from and received them shortly after our first attempt trying to conceive (TTC).

Sure enough, I was skeptical that I would get pregnant from my first attempt and became a compulsive peeer on a stick (CPOAS). I used a test every day (sometimes twice a day) since 7 days past oculation (DPO) until 15 DPO and thought that was it. Not pregnant. And my thought was that if I was going to use this many pregnancy tests every month, might as well order a larger batch right away! So I went back to the website and ordered another 50 tests.

But I was pregnant. I got my first big fat positive (BFP) on the same day my ordered has been shipped. it was too late to cancel it.

Now, I have received that new order of 50 pregnancy tests and have no idea what to make of them.

Yesterday was Halloween and a thought crossed my mind about handing these out along with candies... Hehe... maybe not!!!

Well in any case, if one of you readers are TTC and would like some home pregnancy tests for cheap, feel free to post a comment to that matter with your email so I can contact you.


Anonymous said...

i came across your post and i really need a pregnancy test.

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