That was a bad idea...

I've already discussed how one of my rare pregnancy symptoms is to have more frequent, strangely vivid dreams.

What happens when you mix that symptom, with a tired mom-to-be who goes to bed right after watching a horror movie or thriller?

Bad dreams.

But it was Halloween and we didn't do anything to celebrate it since DF was out for the night so we thought we should rent a scary movie yesterday and make that "our" halloween night.

Bad plan.

The movie chosen was "Orphan".

I won't go into the details of this movie, but yes, there is something VERY wrong with Esther and even though I will admit it was a very good movie, my newfound emotional sensitivity got the best of me during some graphic scenes that I would have gladly skipped through.

For some reason though, there is no escaping those scenes as even if I were to close my eyes, I could easily guess what was going to happen and my own imagination would probably show me images worse than those of the movie.
I was told this was more of a thriller than a horror movie... I guess it's a matter of opinion and will be more careful when chosing my next flicks.

Last night, I woke up a few times, not in the middle of a bad nightmare, but with those same images rolling through my mind in a loop... This morning, I was veeeeery tired.

I also read somewhere that pregnant women should try to minimize stress as it can harm the feotus... You can read one article about this here.

Ok, I'm only 8 weeks and 5 days pregnant so it shouldn't be damaging for the foetus yet, but it hurt my sleep and what hurts my sleep is bound to be on my black list right now.


Anonymous said...

Is something really really wrong with Esther, or is she simply misunderstood? :D I remember walking into my doctor's office with a book I was reading at the time called 'The Road' - a post-apocalyptic, very bleak story about a single father (you don't want to know what happened to mommy) and his young son trying to survive in a very very messed up world. The doctor raised her eyebrows and mentioned that although it was a very good book, it certainly wasn't pregnancy material. I know for sure that horror movies are off my list - I very rarely every watch them - they are too graphic for me even when hormones aren't making me more sensitive than usual.

Congrats on nearly 9 weeks!

Cynthia said...

Oh yes, there is definitely something very wrong with Esther, but I can't tell you more without giving the punch.

The ending of this movie was VERY unexpected, and even watching it with DF and DN (Dear Nephew - lol) who both enjoy trying to guess out loud what's coming, nobody had foreseen *that*!

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