9 weeks and a grape

It's so good to be wrong sometimes...

I "feel" pregnant.

Fears and intuitions have mixed me up seriously recently... Having no symptoms for the last three days shook my faith that everything was ok. I admit: I'm a worrier.
This morning I woke up (as usual), went to the bathroom (as usual) and had a glimps at my profile in the mirror (as usual) before stepping on the scale (as.. you get the picture?).

With different results this time.

I swear I can now see the small pouch of a bump! I could barely believe it. It's like I was almost starting to accept that my pregnancy was lost and that I would no longer see any symptoms or progress, and there it was, looking back at me from the mirror as if trying to prove me wrong.

Wow. Overnight?

The scale result was different too...

I have been steadily losing 1 lb every week for the last 8 weeks (I was initially 200lbs) so, I was expecting to be 191lbs this morning. Nope. 194 lbs. Wrong again.

I must have eaten like a pig yesterday night and can't remember... Nope. An onion soup with regular ham sandwich at Tim Horton's at 6pm and went to bed at 9:30pm.

I guess that means I'm still pregnant afterall... It just seems like a certainty now, so I'm very grateful for that. At the same time, I'm sure my fears will get the best of me everytime I lose all symptoms so I'll appreciate this moment of peace and confidence while it lasts.

I found a cute artsy image of what my "grape" is now supposed to look like at 9 weeks. Enjoy!

I guess it's time to start taking belly pictures too... hmmm...


Sprudeln said...

Woohoo for the little grape!

(I can see a little tummy myself now, too.)

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