Catching up on dreams

I spent a beautiful weekend doing nothing.

Well, not completely nothing. I cooked a bit, trimmed my 3 ferrets' claws and gave them a bath. Other than that, I just slept a lot.

What's nice with sleeping a lot is that not only you become rested, but you dream a lot.

That also made me realize there is no way I'll be able to keep up with posting the details of all my dreams on this blog. That would be one or twice per day!

So, here is a list of a few dreams I had recently:
  1. In this dream, I had God's view and could see and hear everything. What was disturbing is that I was witnessing the start of a very passionate and physical relationship between my 16 year old nephew and a 32 year old married lawyer I happen to work with. Ishhhh.
  2. In this other dream, my relationship with DH was over and I was starting to date a guy I know and take the train with. In reality this guy has to be the most arrogant, fussiest and most argumentative person I know but in this dream, he was the total opposite: sweet, patient and very sensitive.
  3. Some very strange dream that I couldn't remember but I know my mother and Yoda (yes, from Star Wars) were the two main actors.
  4. I dreamed that I had a son. I remember his face and hair and eyes perfectly and it was the most beautiful kid I had ever seen. I'm saying kid because in my dream he was already 3 years old. His thick wavy hair was chocolate and his eyes were amber and gave him an angel look. The name that popped to mind when I saw him was Matthias. I don't know why. This name is not on our baby name's list but for some reason, Liam wasn't a good fit for that kid.


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