Am I pregnant or sleepwalking?

(8 weeks and 1 day pregnant)

Pregnancy is not what I was expecting so far...

I was ready to fight morning sickness, mood swings, painful breasts and the super nose and skin glow.

WRONG. Not for me.

My breasts are not-so-sored. No morning sickness yet. I have been more sensitive recently but without the mood swings, and no, my skin does not glow.

What I'm experiencing goes more along the lines of Halloween (we're almost there). I feel like a spectre. I'm not moving really fast, that's when you see me move at all, I feel half asleep when people ask questions, and most of the time I don't even feel like answering them. I don't have energy to do anything and I'm overall having a real hard time focussing on anything. I feel like I'm trapped in a thick cloud of fog and though I'm trying to find my way out of it, every attempt is unsuccessful and discouradging. The only reward I get is when I give in to the tireness and sleep.

I'm not complaining though... Better sleepwalking than spending all mornings inspecting the inside of my toilet bowl!

It's a good thing my superior knows about my pregnancy or she'd think I'm really being underproductive and lazy!

On another note, in the last few days, I've started being repelled by some foods, so I haven't eaten as much as I usually would. I dropped 4 pounds. I'm not worried though. I heard it's normal to gain some OR lose some during this period and I'm sure I'll catch up on those 4 lbs soon enough.


Sprudeln said...

Wow, do I know how you feel! Excellent description - I think I might copy it and send it to my husband so that he understands. :)

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