5 weeks pregnant and daycare already?!

Yes ladies, when you live in Quebec, you have to be aware that you will usually spend 3 whole years on a waiting list before your kid can actually get a place in a daycare center. You think this is an exaggeration? There are on average, approximately 800 names on those waiting lists!

I have to admit it feels very weird to still not know the baby's sex or his name and be already looking for daycare!

But we're all set. Today, I entered our unnamed unborn baby onto a waiting list for daycare. One thing is settled!

Now... if that OBY/GYN clinic can return my call so I get my first appointment... ;)


Anonymous said...

If you are interested, I can ask whether Gala can get you on the actual list (not the waiting list) for the daycare where she works. It is one of the best daycares in Montreal and she may be able to get you in on account that you're family. Many parents who work in Montreal bring their kids to the daycare (it opens at 7am) and go to work.


Cynthia said...

It's a very generous offer.

How far would it be from Bonaventure station, by metro?

Anonymous said...

It's about a 5 minute bus ride (or 12 minute brisk walk) away from either Vendome or Villa Maria metro. From there, getting to Bonaventure would be very easy, considering it's on the same line... maybe another 10 mins?

Cynthia said...

Yeah ok so I guess I'm roughly looking at an extra 30-45 minutes in the morning before getting to work. Sounds do-able.

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