Baby name considerations

Finding the perfect name is an activity I've enjoyed since I was a child. I just find poetry in names and it makes me dreamy...

The considerations I've always tryied to keep in mind were:
  • Original
  • Short (2 or 3 syllables)
  • Can be pronounced easily by francophones or anglophones

My new considerations:

  • Must not end in "O", because that would rhyme with last name
  • Must not end with the sound "K", "X" or "G", since it would be a mouthful to pronounce with the last name starting in "K".


Sprudeln said...

We have a 2 language consideration too as my husband is German. Not as easy as you'd think! Some of the names are spelled the same but sound horrible in the other language (Curt, for example).

Good luck!

Cynthia said...

It can be very tricky... Some of the names we thought sounded lovely in English, even though would be easily pronounced in French as well, sounded too close to an actual word we would hate know he/she gets teased with...

I like puzzles so I'm really enjoying the "find the perfect name" game so far, even with the 2 language considerations. ;)

Katerina said...

We have tried to find names that work in both Czech and English. So far, we've succeeded, I think. We have Anna and Miriam. Our third girl name (if we have a girl next) is Sylvia and boy will be Thomas b/c that's my hubby's dad's name. Hubby was named after his grandpa, so he wants to continue the tradition. I'll call the boy Tomas, though, it's the Czech version of Thomas. You can do that, too. Just find a name you like in one of the languages and see what it looks and sounds like in the other language. Good website for that is Good luck finding the perfect name for your little one!

Cynthia said...

Thanks a lot for the new website... I'll be sure to check it out tomorrow!

I'm also planning to add a links section on my blog so I'll add all the useful pregnancy websites that have been recommended to me or that I would recommend to friends. I'll add it there :)

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