About symptoms...

I'm realizing now that what I'm going to label in this blog as "symptoms" may include a vast array of interesting changes I'm experiencing that have nothing to do with the pregnancy.


Yesterday night I had a strange dream... All my dreams are usually a bit strange but it's been a while since I could remember one and since I've read somewhere that pregnant women dream a lot and have weird dreams... Well... I guess I'm gonna label this one into my potential symptoms. Lol.

A Bowl of Mice...
So yesterday's dream was a short one, in which I was very calm, but intrigued by the fact that my huge fruit bowl had been used to serve nachos and that the leftover bits of nachos were being nibbled at by over a dozen mice.

And so, I tried to call DF and DN (Dear Nephew) to come and see the strange phenomenon, but they wouldn't hear me or care because they were playing xBox.

So I figured I would have to deal with the small rodents on my own. I was not scared or disgusted or angry at them, I just thought it was the right thing to do... so I decided on poisoning them first, then I would bring the bowl to DF and DN for them to see the mice without me risking that some would jump off the bowl and run away in our house and infest us by multiplying like crazy, because even if they jumped off, I figured they would die within hours. So I pourred some detergent in the bowl and figured it couldn't be good for them and would do the trick... And brought the bowl with me, to show them the mice still eating the nachos bits.

By the time I walked downstairs to show them the mice, there were no longer mice in the bowl. Instead, a soup of various liquids on which a few pieces of fur were floating. Instead of being completely disgusted by it, I was slightly disappointed that they had died so quickly and I wouldn't be able to show the strange phenomenon to DF and DN.
That dream probably has nothing to do with my early pregnancy symptoms, but I'm not just using this blog as a way to share and communicate my adventures to fellow pregnant women. This will also serve as a personal pregnancy journal and I'm trying to put as many insignificant details as I possibly can, because in the long run, those details are what I will be interested in reading again. My child could also find it interesting to see how crazy his mom used to be while carrying him/her, if he ever reads it... So I'm letting loose and letting everything out. No censure. :)

About today's symptoms, I didn't feel anything. Nothing at all. Being still early in the first trimester, it can be a little worrying when you've experienced some sort of symptoms every day during at least part of the day. I simply do not feel pregnant. No sore breasts, no crampings or twiching in the stomach, no morning sickness, no super nose, no super frequent trips to the restrooms, no extreme tiredness, NOTHING.

I'm hoping some light symptoms will come back tomorrow and confirm that my SweetPea is still hooked in place.


Keith, Lauren and Baby Lewis said...

I have also had the such crazy dreams! Hopefully that is a great symptom for us!

Sprudeln said...

My symptoms are also gone, gone, gone, but the doc says everything is on track. Anxiety isn't good for your little one, so try to kick back if you can!

Anonymous said...

I've been having some really weird dreams also. That is a symptom! :)


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