Pregnancy announcement

Ok well I guess things never really go according to the plan, lol.

The plan was to wait a couple more weeks before telling. I thought it would be nice to play it safe and wait until closer to the end of the 1st trimester before advertising that I'm pregnant to our friends and coworkers... But hey! I never said I was a patient girl! I also never said I would find it easy to wait all that time!

I really wanted to tell people and share my joy... But I guess my head was saying "not yet" just to avoid the heartbreak of being asked some news about the pregnancy if things were turning bad.

I realised - to my biggest surprise - this week that DF did not share my fears and really wanted to tell the world... So yesterday he emailed all his friends and then I thought, might as well update my Facebook profile and make it completely public. In only 1 hour I had received 8 comments! :)

I'm still a bit nervous about getting through that first trimester smoothly, but it's reassuring and refreshing that DF is not scared at all. So much that he makes me feel silly to even doubt myself... ;)


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