Another dream...

Is there really a need for an introduction? You might have figured out by now that I'll be talking about the weird dream I had yesterday so here it is:

Smoking dog
This time, I was not alone. I was sitting in a fancy restaurant at a table for two with a complete stranger. The whole setup looked like a date and I felt I was doing something wrong just by being there with him, and not remembering how I got there or why I would be out "dating" a stranger. Did I get into a fight with DF? Was I living a double-life?

The stranger offered me a joint of marijuana. Oh yeah, did I mention we were sitting in a fancy restaurant and that I don't smoke? It all seemed very normal in my dream and I remember thinking "smoking weed can't be good for the pregnancy..." but as if I was daring my embryo to prove me wrong, I took it anyway and breathed the weed in.

It felt dangerous. I felt powerful.

I coughed, chuckled, and excused myself to the stranger. I pretended to go to the restrooms but instead, walked out of the restaurant and started walking around the building all while spying on him, from outside the surrounding windows.

One minute he was there, the next he was gone. I decided it was time for me to go back inside and finish my plate. What plate? I have no idea, all I could remember was a joint.

I sat back at the table before the waiter could notice it was left unattended. Instead of my previous date, was now sitting next to me, in a perfect gentlement pose, my DOG. and instead of the joint, was now a huge shisha full of weed.

And now, very casually, I continued on smoking pot through the shisha this time, with my dog...

Yes, I know, I feel deranged everytime I wake up from a weird dream like this.

Is it me or I'm always a mean person in those dreams? Last time I was killing mice and this time, I couldn't care less about harming my foetus or about making DF miserable!

I'm not even sure I should call them "dreams" because once I'm awake, I feel like they are definitely closer to "nightmares" about me turning into some kind of a monster. But while I'm dreaming them, I feel dangerously calm and content.


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