And there was much much drama...

I love being pregnant but I guess part of the deal is that along with the joy, you get the tiredness and added emotional sensitivity that come with it.

Trying to focus on my joy and share with other women who experience the same, or listen to their concerns and downs was supposed to be fun and so I joined a buddy group where I made many online friends and feel a special bond with them.

Unfortunately, someone who tried to join the group 3 days after it was closed was very upset about it, and is still harassing me through various PMs (private message) telling me it's so very rude and crappy to be rejected of a buddy group that closed not long ago... and that "she could never do something like that". It lasted a few days and everytime I wrote a PM back with apologies and an opening for her to came back, she would only write back super long hateful PM and it never stopped. She joined another group and again victimized herself there and said she was glad at least the ladies "in their group" were nice...

I had enough and was upset and wrote a summary on my buddy group, so that people would understand why I'm not feeling good and having casual chit chat anymore... That was obviously a mistake on my part as she hijacked the page with super long posts in which she feels the need to "defend herself" and in which she quotes just about everything I say and point at every word she would have said differently.

I mean COME ON. GET A GRIP. People die everyday while you complain about not being welcomed to a buddy group that you tried to join after it was closed?! Why such a big deal? Why whining about it in your new group? why not accepting my apologies or reinvite to the group. *sigh* Some people just like to bash.

So yeah, I don't even feel good returning to the group right now... She's ruined my thoughts enough over the last couple of days and I don't even feel like logging out to find out what other hateful PM is gonna be waiting for me there.

I'm taking a break from that group, at least for now... Might look for another message board on which I can find a group eventually. I don't know yet.

*** Update ***

OMG. As if it was not enough already, it turns out she could not leave it at that as she so often promised. She actually decided to visit my personal blog and got upset at me posting my version in a place where she can't hijack it and call me a liar again while adding her long distorted story.

She then had the nerve to threaten me to post our whole exchange of PMs on my blog?! LOL.

Two words: "control" "freak"

I wonder what'll be her next move... Hire a private investigator to make sure I don't speak about her to my relatives? Wow. Expect the unexpected.

I deleted my own posts in the buddy group. I'm sure everyone is very uncomfortable trying to avoid them and even if I don't post there for a little while, my online friends there didn't deserve to get their experience ruined as well. We'll see if she gets the message and does the same with hers. I honestly don't have high expectations.


Anonymous said...

Wow - how ridiculous.

Hey - can I join your buddy group? :D


Cynthia said...

Lol. I know!!!

My buddy group is closed at the moment. But just so you don't think I'm rude and feel rejected, I can probably make a spot for you in there! Lol.

Ann, I'm honored to have you in my RL (real life) buddy group, that is a very select club and you should feel very special about that! ;)

How is your pregnancy going btw?

Anonymous said...

It's going very well - I'm in my 29th week right now and looking forward to the 30th so that I can start a single digit count down. :) I'm taking it one day at a time - some days are definitely easier than others, but all in all, everything is pretty good.


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