How it all started...

My fiance (who I will refer to as DF - for Dear Fiance) and I were planning to start Trying to Conceive (TTC) in early Winter 2009. But sometime last summer, I came across a great book that was lent to me by my sister in law and that revealed the secrets of the fertility awareness method, which I will refer to as FAM here.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility,

When I started reading that book, I was very impressed at how a better understanding of how our own body works, could be used to induce pregnancy or avoid one, completely naturally. Not only that, but it claimed that once a woman is already charting the changes of her menstrual cycle, she can pinpoint the date of her ovulation, detect problematic symptoms from normal cyclical symptoms, influence the probabilities of conceiving a boy or a girl and figure out a pregnancy or miscarriage days before any test could reveal it.

I had to try.

So on September 7, first day of my new cycle I started charting my Basal Body Temperature (BBT), and changes to my cervix alignment, firmness and Cervical Fluid (CF).

The idea was, that I would be able to tell on which days I'm fertile, and to be able to avoid unprotected intercourse on those days until we're ready to start TTC.

But that first month of charting was special. And the day of my ovulation was followed by my birthday evening with DF. After some very deep discussion, we figured out our reasons for postponing attempts to conceive to Winter 2009, were not really strong rooted and what better birthday celebration and present than to conceive our first son or daughter...

This was a long shot. Many couples had been TTC for many years before they getting pregnant.

We thought that if it worked, it would be a very memorable night, and if it didn't lead to a pregnancy, then it would have still been a very nice birthday evening and we'd try again in October.


John said...

Well, first thing first, WOOT WOOT, grats on your first. What a sweet story about concieving on your B-day, ahhhhhh, so cute. I am interested to here about timing and how it can make a difference on the babies gender. Although I am a bit skeptical about that, I am curious and will keep and open mind. I will definitely be impressed if it true.

Best of luck to the both of you

John (Soulsbane)

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